A Bob Feller Story

In March of 2005, my oldest brother was visiting our mother in Florida. Being a true baseball fan he squeezed a spring training game into his schedule. While cruizing through the park, he noticed a long line of people and inquired why this line had formed. He found out Bob Feller was signing autographs so he joined the line. Mark was one of the last, if not the last that day, to receive an autograph. He asked Mr. Feller to make it out to me. Bob signed it "To Lano, Love your site. Bob Feller, H O Fame". A few weeks ago I received an email from Bob. He had gone to my site and liked it but wondered where his photo was. Well Bob, here it is! I've added a couple more Feller trinkets that you can view by scrolling down the page. Mr. Feller is truly one of America's greatest. Not only is he one of our National Pastime's all time best players, he also left baseball at the peak of his career to serve in the U.S. Navy, during our nation's time of need in World War Two. Stay happy & healthy Bob and thanks for everything!

This is the photo Marco picked up for me. With a little help and research from

my good friend Pat Manning, we believe this photo was taken in 1936 quite early in Bob's

career. The uniform is an away game version of that year.

The two envelopes above are from the early 1950s that were acquired at the stadium or possibly sent out to fans who requested them by mail. Each envelope contains photos of Indian's players from that particular year. The two photos below were included in these packets. Thanks to Pat Manning for loaning these to me for my web page.

The card above is from the 1951 Topps Red back series and also is on loan from Pat Manning

This final specimen is the only Bob Feller card I own. I found it in the basement of a home and rescued it from certain disposal. It was a cut out from an old Wheaties box. Not sure of exact year but probably from the early 1950s.